Color Palette

The look and feel of Mercer University’s publications are rich and varied. Characterized by a dynamic color palette, individual schools and programs are free to establish a unique set of communications utilizing a palette that reflects the characteristics and tone of their programs.


Official Colors

Mercer Orange

Mercer Orange

PMS 716 C
r=203 g=83 b=7
c=0 m=65 y=100 k=4





PMS 7500 C
r=235 g=220 b=182
c=1 m=5 y=23 k=3


Secondary Colors

PMS 1935

PMS 1935 C
r=172 g=29 b=78    
c=1 m=100 y=55 k=6

PMS 267

PMS 267 C    
r=78 g=44 b=131    
c=82 m=97 y=0 k=0

PMS 2145

PMS 2145 C
r=40 g=56 b=131
c=98 m=62 y=0 k=14

PMS 2925

PMS 2925 C
r=59 g=143 b=207
c=85 m=24 y=0 k=0

PMS 327

PMS 327 C
r=20 g=130 b=104
c=100 m=2 y=60 k=14

PMS 362

PMS 362 C
# 6DB644 
r=109 g=182 b=68
c=78 m=0 y=100 k=2

PMS 605

PMS 605 C
r=203 g=192 b=44
c=0 m=2 y=100 k=9

PMS 104

PMS 104 C
r=176 g=160 b=23
c=0 m=3 y=100 k=30