Health Sciences Center Logo

The School of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing and the College of Health Professions comprise the Mercer Health Sciences Center, established by the Board of Trustees in 2012. The Health Sciences Center logo should always be co-branded with the Mercer University wordmark, unless approved otherwise in advance by the Office of Marketing Communications.

HSC Logo


Logo Colors

Mercer Orange

PMS 716 C
r=247 g=104 b=0
c=0 m=65 y=100 k=4


PMS 124 C
r=253 g=185 b=19
c=0 m=30 y=100 k=0


PMS 104 C
r=176 g=160 b=23
c=0 m=3 y=100 k=30


PMS 605 C
r=203 g=192 b=44
c=0 m=2 y=100 k=9


PMS 362 C
r=109 g=182 b=68
c=78 m=0 y=100 k=2


PMS 376 C
r=130 g=195 b=65
c=54 m=0 y=100 k=0


PMS 2925 C
r=59 g=143 b=207
c=85 m=24 y=0 k=0


PMS 2915 C
r=82 g=185 b=233
c=60 m=9 y=0 k=0