Our Goal

T-ShirtThe purpose of Mercer's licensing program is to positively promote the University's image while protecting its trademark rights. All official logos and wordmarks of Mercer University are protected under this program. Creating and maintaining positive relationships with manufacturers and retailers is an integral part of the program's overall success and helps to ensure that products bearing the marks of the University are of the highest quality and help to satisfy consumer demand.

The Licensing Process

Any manufacturer wishing to produce products bearing Mercer University marks should become licensed by:

  • Contacting Learfield Licensing Partners Inc., Mercer’s trademark management company,  at (616) 395-0676 or download an application at Send it to Learfield Licensing to be approved.
  • Sign and return the Standard Licensing Agreement issued by Learfield Licensing Partners.
  • Maintain a current certificate of product liability insurance.
  • Submit all products to Learfield Licensing for review and approval.
  • Forward administration fee and applicable royalty advances to Learfield Licensing Partners.

To Learn More

To learn more about becoming licensed to use Mercer University marks, please contact Steve Mosley, assistant vice president for creative services in Mercer’s Marketing Communications Office, at He will connect you with a Learfield Licensing Partners representative.