Mercer Wordmark

The Mercer wordmark serves as the University’s primary logo and is considered the “master brand.” It is to be used for all institutional branding, marketing, communications and promotional purposes.

When using the Mercer wordmark, always use an approved logo file. Never try to recreate the logo. The mark may be resized, but always constrain proportions by locking the aspect ratio, so the height and width are scaled together. The orange rule that appears under “Mercer University” is part of the mark and must not be cropped, drawn separately from the type, or left off the mark. It must be scaled in proportion to the rest of the wordmark.

The two-color wordmark – black type with the Mercer orange rule – is the preferred version, but it may also be printed in all black or reversed out of any other color.


Mercer Wordmark

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Improper Usage

There should always be a buffer zone of at least half the height of the “E” in “Mercer” surrounding the Mercer wordmark — most importantly around the rule — with no type nor graphics appearing in the zone. No part of the wordmark should bleed off the page or touch any other element.

Wordmark Buffer Zone 

Please do not:

  • Replace the words “Mercer University” in the wordmark with any other words.
  • Redesign, redraw, modify, distort or alter the proportions of the mark.
  • Rotate or render the mark three-dimensionally.
  • Add images or any other new elements to the mark.
  • Replace the approved typeface with any other typeface.
  • Enclose the mark in a shape or combine it with other design elements or effects.
  • Modify the size or position relationship of any element within the mark.
Improper Wordmark Usage
Improper Wordmark Usage
Improper Wordmark Usage
Improper Wordmark Usage